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Physician Visiting Patient and Family


Green Mountain Surgery Center
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How do I schedule a procedure/surgery at Green Mountain Surgery Center?
If you wish to have a procedure/surgery performed by a physician practicing at Green Mountain Surgery Center, please contact the physicians primary office to schedule an appointment.
How long will my same day procedure take?
Depending on the procedure and the recovery period, there is no definite answer to this question. We will be able to give you a better idea after a consultation with one of our physicians. For many procedures you can expect to be in the recovery center for 1 hour following your procedure. Please check with your physcian about the specifics of your procedure.
Will my family in the waiting room know what’s happening with me during my procedure?
If there is time before your procedure, one family member at a time can stay with you in pre-op until we take you into the procedure/operating room. They will stay in the waiting room during your outpatient procedure. Our receptionist will also keep them informed of the progress of your procedure. After your procedure, your doctor will inform them about your outcome. When you are ready for discharge, one family member at a time can re-join you in the recovery area. Together, you will receive the nurse’s verbal and written discharge instructions.
Can I bring my children?
We highly recommend that arrangements for childcare be made on the day of your procedure, especially during the flu season. 
Will I be able to speak to the anesthesiologist before my procedure?
Yes, your anesthesiologist will go over the anesthesia procedure with you in pre-op. Together you will speak about any health issues or any prior experiences that may impact your procedure.
What medications or vitamins should I take the morning of my outpatient procedure?
Our physicians and nurses will guide you on this before your procedure. We will discuss what specific medicines, herbs, and minerals you may be taking. We will then guide you on which ones need to be cut out of your regimin for a period of time if need be. On the morning of your procedure, be sure to take the least amount of water with any medications you are currently taking.
Why should I remove jewelry?
Metal on the skin may cause conduction when cauterization is used and may cause irritation to your skin. Removal of jewelry is very important for your safety while in the procedure/operating room. We encourage you to leave any jewelry at home.
What discharge instructions will I receive?
Our discharge instructions are customized to each patient and each procedure. Your discharge instructions will be shared with you in the final steps of your recovery in the recovery room. You will be sent home with written discharge instructions to refer to if needed.
Why can’t I drive myself home after discharge?
The anesthesia and pain medicine you will receive will impair your ability to drive and to make important decisions for about 24 hours. You will need a responsible adult to bring you to the  surgery center, receive your post-operative instructions, and then drive you back home after the procedure.
Does my driver need to remain in the facility during my procedure?
We strongly encourage your driver to remain at the facility during your procedure. This is due to varying procedure times and unexpected schedule changes.
What can I expect for my recovery?
Depending on the sedation you have recieved, we highly recommend that you have a responsible adult supervise you for 24 hours after your procedure. This person must be able to aid you with your discharge instructions. The staff from Green Mountain Surgery Center will call you the next day for a follow-up. If you have any complications or side effects please contact your doctor immediately or call 911.
What will I be expected to pay?
We will call you prior to your procedure to explain your estimated deductible and co-payment amounts based on your insurance.  After your procedure, we will bill your insurance carrier and will also send you a bill for the portion you owe.  Our charges for the most common procedures can be found on the Price & Quality page of our website.
What if I don’t have insurance?
We offer a self-pay option for patients with no insurance.  The self-pay charge for services is equal to the lowest amount the surgery center gets reimbursed by commercial payers for the same procedure. Payment is required at time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  Please call our business office to learn more 802-488-5350.
Will my doctor’s fees be part of the surgery center bill?
No, the surgery center bill is only the facility fee. You will be billed separately by your doctor and anesthesiologist and for any laboratory fees.
I have more questions about billing, whom should I call?

For any questions about co-pays and deductibles and out of pocket expenses, or other billing inquiries, please call our business office (802) 488-5350