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Dr Mary Stanley, M.D. | General Surgery

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Dr. Mary Stanley, M.D.


Dr. Mary Stanley is a board-certified surgeon and Faculty of the American College of Surgeons who specializes in breast surgery and breast disorders. She is certified in Breast Ultrasound by the American Society of Surgeons and The University of Vermont Medical Center.

She grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1986. She went on to Dartmouth/Brown Medical School, graduating in 1990. She was trained in General Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Stanley has been practicing in Vermont since 1998 and has dedicated her surgical practice to Breast Surgery since that time. She worked at the Breast Care Center at Fletcher Allen Health Care for 10 years and opened her own practice in 2008. She participates in the Mastery of Breast Surgery Program – a Quality/Registry program through the American Society of Breast Surgeons and participates in the Multidisciplinary Breast Conference at UVMMC.


Dartmouth College, BA, 1986
Dartmouth Medical School, 1988
Brown University Program in Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 1990University of Massachusetts Coordinated Surgery Program, Resident in General Surgery, 1990-1994
University of Massachusetts Coordinated Surgery Program, Chief Resident in General Surgery, 1994-1995
Medical Center of Central Massachusetts, Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery, 1996

Hospital Privileges

University of Vermont Medical Center

Common Procedures

Core needle biopsy of the breast, Surgery for Breast Cancer (Lumpectomy +/- Sentinel Node biopsy), Mastectomy (+/- Sentinel Node biopsy), Removal of benign breast, skin and soft tissue masses.

Core Needle biopsy of the breast involves removing a piece of tissue with a needle from a mass or lesion so it can be tested to determine what it is. Core Needle biopsy improves the health of the patient by providing additional information about the cells to determine if treatment is necessary.

An excisional breast biopsy is a surgical procedure to remove a lump or imaging finding. An excisional biopsy is performed to diagnose lumps in the breast. This type of biopsy can be used to remove abnormal tissue and detect breast cancer.

A lumpectomy is the removal of a cancerous lesion in the breast and is also referred to as a partial mastectomy. A lumpectomy is performed with attention to surgical margins around a cancerous lesion.

A Mastectomy is a procedure to remove the entire breast. It is indicated for multifocal or advanced cancer and sometimes in high-risk women, for prevention. New Mastectomy techniques offer breast skin preservation, giving the breast a more natural appearance.

Duct Exploration and duct excision is performed for concerning nipple discharge. This involves identifying the discharging duct and surgically removing it.

Removal of benign skin and soft tissue masses is a procedure to remove masses that have formed just beneath the skin. This is often done for diagnosis or if the lesion is causing a patient pain or distress.

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